Program Design

Are you an educational administrators, or business owner looking to run a new program for your students or customers? Using your learning outcomes, as well as any pre-existing resources, I will develop a strategic plan for your upcoming program. Including program outlines, course details and participant expectations. 

Curriculum Development

I work with small business owners, corporations and educational institutions to bring their programs, courses and trainings to life through innovative, hands-on, and creative curriculum. All curriculums are designed with your learning outcomes in mind, as well as any other details that you provide. Curriculums can include scripts, activities, assignments, assessments, and more.

Resource Creation

Would you like to include a workbook in your online course? Have you created a classroom activity that needs custom worksheets? Using your expertise and pre-existing content, I will create learning resoures that can be printed or used digitally.

Professional Development (PD)

I offer two PD service options. In the first, I will observe your instructors (either in person, or virtually) and generate a custom PD workshop for your team. Or choose from one of my pre-planned workshops on one of the following topics: play-based learning, arts-integrated learning, virtual teaching, interdisciplinary teaching, classroom design, inclusive education and utilizing your EA. 

Content Review

Do you have pre-existing teaching and learning content? Are you looking to improve or refine your content for the future? I will review your content and then we will sit down for a follow up meeting to go over all of my edits, suggestions and improvements.

Virtual Content Transition

I will support you in transitioning all of your existing content to online platforms. Additionally, I can help with the sourcing and/or development of learning materials to supplement online content. 

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