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Maya's Story

Maya's passion for education grew from her experience working as a dance teacher. It was in the dance studio that she realized that all of her students learned at different paces and required different types of support in order to be successful. Realizing just how well her pedagogy was working in the dance studio, she began researching the potential for this type of teaching and learning in the classroom. 

In 2020, Maya graduated from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto with her Master of Education in Curriculum and Pedagogy. 

In 2021, Maya started her Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Learning at the University of Calgary. She has continued to research play-based and arts-integrated learning, with a focus on experiential learning in primary-aged classrooms. 

Maya has continued to share her love of education and curriculum development through her work with Impact Learning (CEO), as a Research Assistant (University of Calgary and York University) and as a dance teacher across Ontario.

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